COVID-19 protection measures

At Ninemia Naxos Suites our priority is the safety of our guests, our staff and our public health. We apply the required hygiene and safety protocols, take precautionary measures and carry out regular disinfection of indoor and outdoor areas with the help of specialized associates.

Ninemia Naxos Suites, opening its gates for the first time in June 2020 under unprecedented conditions, due to the health crisis caused by the global pandemic, sets the primary goal of the health of the visitors. This will be achieved not only by following the health protocol for the hotels and the recommendations of the competent bodies, but also by implementing every possible personalized solution, so that our guests feel safe and secure during their stay in Ninemia. Before checking in to the room, our guests can be sure that it has been disinfected, using the appropriate products and steam. All members of our team are trained in the operating protocols set by the Ministries of Health and Tourism.